About Us

My name is Christopher Safi, I am a two time survivor of Neuroblastoma (Stage 4). Mine happened in the kidney and the brain. I got this disease when I was fourteen months old and got it again when I was four and kept fighting it until I was six years old.

Now let talk about how I used my negativity and used it to inspire patients to say that they are not alone. December of 2018, I decided to turn my negativity into a positive experience and started a toy drive for the children who are cancer patients from Ages newborn to a young adult. We have been running our own toy drive for cancer patients in Sloan Kettering, Maimonides, Mount Sinai, and NYU Pediatric Cancer Center for the last six years. We’re now working on to help the family of the patients with medical expenses and activities for the patients while going through treatments. Since I have been where these children are and continue to know what they are going through because of my ongoing side effects of treatment and continued surgeries, it means that much more to me to help these children.

I am lucky to have the great support of my community, family and friends and would love for you to join our mission, and I never want any of these children to feel like they are forgotten.